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Services for Educational Institutions

  • We conduct a thorough and robust genuineness check on a prospective student before submitting their application to our partner Universities. We conduct following checks if an applicant:
  • has previously been refused because UKVI has not been satisfied that he is a genuine student, and there have been no material changes in his circumstances or new evidence since that refusal
  • has a UKVI approved English Language Proficiency certificate (e.g. IELTS) and also can speak English to the expected standard without the aid of an interpreter (effectively that they do a basic standard of English)
  • has any personal and financial circumstances that questions their credibility, for example:
    • The economic circumstances of the applicant and any dependent in their region in their home country;
    • Whether the applicant has credible funds to meet course fees, and living costs for himself / herself and any dependents for the duration of the course in a UK city, with limited or no ability to work in the UK;
    • How the applicant was able to acquire the necessary funds for course fees, as well as accommodation in a UK city and living expenses in a UK city for themselves and any dependent;
    • The applicant’s personal circumstances, where these would make it difficult to complete a full-time course of study.
  • has satisfactory personal reasons for choosing to study in the UK as compared to other countries including their home country
  • has satisfactory personal reasons for their University choice as compared to other alternative options
  • has satisfactory personal reasons for their course choice as compared to other alternative options
  • has satisfactory justification about their future career goals and how their chosen course will help them achieve those goals
  • We communicate the University’s public presence, brand, key messages and visual identity with the local community and other key target markets through media relations, public events and informative seminars
  • We arrange Open Days to promote our partner Universities to our client market
  • To promote our partner Universities to our client market, we place adverts and paid campaigns on
    • social networking websites
    • classified advert websites
    • adverts on local newspapers
  • To promote our partner Universities to our client market, we organise campus visits for prospective students



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BWBS Education Consultants
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Nayeem Rahman
Nayeem Rahman
22:53 21 Jan 20
They listen to you and take a good care... of you in selecting and processing a good university. They give you a number of options from which you choose your university and course.read more
Zuber Azad
Zuber Azad
23:14 25 Dec 19
Good and successful service provided by... Mr. Bashir Ahmed. I am happy for their service about admission and visa processing. Thank you BWBS.read more
Zeshan Yousaf
Zeshan Yousaf
20:00 08 Oct 19
Great service...They are professionals... and i had a great experince with them am really thankful to Sir Bashir who helped me to get admission in the university as well as for my visa...Thanks BWBS😍😍😍read more
Ndubueze Marian
Ndubueze Marian
14:04 25 Aug 19
BWBS Education Consultants is the best... to me. They're good at what they do because my case was a very difficult one, most especially in getting my conditional offer and the visa but with their great assistance, i was able to pass through that successfully and was also given my Tier 4 Visa. I really want to say "Thank You" to BWBS Education Consultants for the Wonderful and Excellent Services they rendered to me.......read more
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10:23 25 Aug 19
Thanks BWBS Education,with the help of... them i got admission and now processed application for Tire4. they really helped me in all process. the have proved to be an excellent company. well experienced staff and are aware of the latest University admission procedures. I found them to be co-operative and received guidance whenever I faced issue during all process. I can confidently recommend them to any future students who are looking for a reliable consultant. Thanks again for the BWBS team.read more
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