List of Courses

Masters Courses in 2018

Business School:

MSc Accounting and Finance (30 Months)

MSc Project Management  (2 Years)

MSc Cyber Security  (2 Years)

MSc Digital Marketing (2 Years)

MSc Mass Communication (2 Years)

MSc Computing and IT (2 Years)

MSc Business with Marketing Management (2 Years)

MSc Business with Financial Management (2 Years)

MSc Business with International Management (2 Years)

Masters in Business Administration (18 Months)

MSc Management (18 Months)

MSc Management with Finance (18 Months)

MSc Management with Project Management (18 Months)

MSc / MA Marketing Management (18 Months)

MSc / MA International Business Management (15 Months)

MSc Behavioural Economics in Action

MSc Financial Management

MA Human Resource Management

MSc Financial Leadership

MSc Business Analysis and Consultancy

School of Health and Education:

MSc Professional Nursing (18 Months)

MSc Nursing Studies

MSc Nursing Studies (Advanced Practice)

MSc Healthcare Leadership

MSc Mental Health Studies

MA Education

MA Leading Inclusive Education

MSc Mental Health and Substance Use (Dual Diagnosis)

School of Law:

MA International Relations

Institute for Work Based Learning

MA Professional Practice in Visual Effects

The LLM and the LLM in Legal Practice

There are 8 named pathways:

  • Chinese Commercial Law (LLM)
  • Commercial Law (LLM)
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution (LLM)
  • E-commerce Law (LLM)
  • Intellectual Property (LLM)
  • International Law (LLM)
  • International Financial Services (LLM)
  • Maritime Law (LLM)

All the above pathways are also available as combined pathways

School of Computer Science: (16 Months)

MSc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics

MSc Computer Networking Principles and Practice

MSc Software Engineering

MSc Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science

School of Engineering and Technology: (16 Months)

MSc Aerospace Engineering

MSc Automotive Engineering

MSc Communications and Information Engineering

MSc Embedded Intelligent Systems

MSc Manufacturing Management

MSc Mechanical Engineering

MSc Mechatronics

MSc Microelectronics and Computer Engineering

MSc Operations & Supply Chain Management

MSc Power Electronics and Control

MSc Radio and Mobile Communication Systems

School of Life & Medical Sciences:

Courses below last 15 months :

MSc Environmental Management for Business

MSc Environmental Management

MSc Environmental Management with Agriculture

MSc Water and Environmental Management

MSc Sustainable Planning

MSc Sustainable Planning and Transport

MSc Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management

MSc Business Psychology

MSc Occupational Psychology

All courses last 12 months:

MA Health and Medical Education

MSc Health & Medical Simulation

MSc Clinical Dermatology

MSc Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management

MSc Mental Health Practice

MSc Psychiatric Practice

MSc Cardiology and Stroke

Undergraduate Courses in 2018

Business School:

BA Business Management

BA (Hons) Business Administration

BA Financial Services (Top Up)

BA International Business Administration (Top Up yr 3)

School of Health and Education:

GradCert Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Work

BSc Nursing Studies (Framework)

BSc Professional Practice in Practice Nursing

BSc Professional Practice Mental Health Nursing

BSc Professional Practice Nursing

Diploma in Legal Interpreting

Diploma in Medical Interpreting

School of Law :


School of Science and Technology:

BSc Information Technology and Business Information Systems (Top Up yr 3)

Institute for Work Based Learning

BA Professional Practice

BA Professional Practice in Construction Site Management

BA Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

BA Professional Practice in Visual Effects

BSc Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (CTC)

BSc Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (Helicopter) (HAL)

BSc Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (TAA)

BSc Professional Practice

BSc Professional Practice in Advanced Pilot Aviation

CertHE Professional Practice

FdA Professional Practice

FdA Professional Practice in Construction Operations Management

FdA Professional Practice in Leadership and Management for Care Services

GradDip Professional Practice

GradCert Professional Practice